Terms & Conditions

Billing T&Cs

Statement on your credit card will be address to TryDeal or 007Plate. Our check-out is 100% secure through PayPal and PayPal verified. We except payments by: PayPal, Discover card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Bank transfer. All credit card payments are processed through by PayPal. No one other then PayPal ever sees your card information so shop with confidence.


All items have a full free 3 months warranty. Items are covered under warranty only if the item is not damaged by the customer (cosmetically or physically). Customers are responsible for all shipping & handling charges that apply for sending the item back, we cover the shipping charges your way.

Return policy

All returns must be sent back within 15 days of the original payment date. If the product is in its original condition (not damaged in anyway and warranty void sticker still intact) original purchase price minus -15% restocking fee will be issued to the customer. Please understand original shipping & handling cost can NOT be refunded in any case because of the original expense of packaging, shipping & handling of the item. If you have any problems with your iDisarm device please contact us at the live chat window in the bottom right corner of our site or email us at: help@idisarm.com or idisarmdevice@gmail.com


iDisarm device is NOT D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved. It is intended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Use at your own discretion. Improper installation of the product may result in vehicle damage.  This this was MUST be connected to the start signal/solenoid wire on your vehicle disabling the starting of the vehicle.  Connecting the device anywhere else other than the starter signal/solenoid wire is NOT recommended. When purchasing our product, you take full responsibility and all liabilities associated with use/misuse of this product. By failing to comply with these rules you the customer assumes all liability. This company nor anyone within the company can be held liable.