Q: What do iDisarm devices do?
A: iDisarm device is an advance bluetooth vehicle security system.  It disables components in your vehicle when your cell phone is not near the vehicle making it very difficult, if not impossible to steal.  It can be used to disable many components of your car or motorcycle so that someone attempting to steal your vehicle will not be able to do so.  Most common things disable by iDisarm device are: engine, fuel system, ignition system or starter.  Once the iDisarm device is connected to one of these device, they will NOT have power to them unless your phone is paired and within range of the iDisarm device, only than will the vehicle be able to start.

Q: SHIPPING, cost and delivery time.
A: We ship worldwide to every country in the world. Domestic USA shipping usually takes about 4 business days by USPS Priority mail International shipping usually takes 6-15 business days by USPS first class international shipping. Please keep in mind international shipping orders can sometimes be delayed do to customs inspections. There is nothing we can do about this.
- Domestic USA shipping costs between $9-22, and First Class International shipping is between $16-29.

Q: Will the iDisable device fit my car or motorcycle?
A: Yes our iDisable devices are 100% universal and fit any vehicle.  In fact they can be installed on many applications such as:
~ Cars
~ Trucks
~ Motorcycles
~ Atvs
~ Boats
~ Snowmobiles
~ Riding lawn movers...  
Anything that you would like to protect and has a battery can be safe guarded with one of our iDisarm devices.

Q: How does the iDisarm device work?
A: Bluetooth engine immobilizer device is installed on something that can disable your car from starting (engine/fuel/starter/ignition) once installed one of these things will not get power to it until you cell phone is close enough to the car.  Beauty of it all is it is up to you where you install the device making it extremely hard to find why the vehicle will not start in the first place.   It can be installed in a minute and also remove in a minute if you know what you are looking for and where on the vehicle to find it.

Q: INSALLATION of iDisarm Bluetooth Engine Immobilizer.
1) Remove a fuse from you vehicle (fuse for engine or ignition or fuel works well)
iDisarm device can also be hardwired to ecu/ignition/fuel/starter for higher security
2) Plug in 2 wires from iDisarm device into the same fuse slot
3) Connect 1 black ground wire from iDisarm device to chassis or ground
4) On your phone find the iDisarm Bluetooth in your bluetooth settings & pair with it
 Installation is very simple and it takes most people less than 2 minutes. 

Q: What does iDisarm device include?

Q: WARRANTY on iDisarm engine disabler.
A: Yes. There is a three month warranty on all of our bluetooth engine immobilizers. You can exchange any broken or damaged gadget for FREE. Extended warranty can also be purchased but quite unnecessary.

Q: Can I return the iDisarm engine imobilizer if I don't like it?
A: Yes. You have 10 days to return if the device is in its original condition for a 100% full refund. If the motor immobilizer is not returned within 10 days there will be a 15% restocking fee charge against your refund.
(please keep in mind original shipping & handling charges are none refundable)