Bluetooth engine immobilizer.  Fully automated!

* Car key will only start the engine if your phone is connected and near the iDisarm device

* High security, each is unique pass-code protected

* No need to download any apps on your smart phone

* Allows multiple phones to be bluetooth connected to the iDisarm device

* Disable your engine at anytime by turning off bluetooth in your phone settings

* Easy 1 minute installation! Only 3 wires need to be connected:

 Wiring: BLACK --> Ground, RED --> 12volts, YELLOW --> fuse, starter, fuel pump, ignition... (your choice)

* Protect ANY VEHICLE! (car, truck, motorcycle, atv, snowmobile, boat... even a lawnmower!)


Nice, it really was a 3 minute installation. I kinda wish I got the low energy upgrade, no sure how long before this drains my motorcycle battery since I only ride my bike once every few months.
(REPLY) Don't worry it will not drain you battery at all since it should be connected to have power ONLY when the key is ON position :).


Wow this gadget is cool! Haha I let my buddy sit on my Suzuki GSXR1000 and I let him start it. I waited about a minute and turn off the engine with my phone. He was all confused when it wouldn't start back up but it magically started back up when I tried it :) so funny


If you connect it to a fuse it really is 2 min installation but I feel like it would be easy for anyone to just remove it and still start the car. I hardwired the device in a secret place so that my fuel pump doesn't have power until bluetooth is connected. This is much more secure and it still really only took about half an hour to install. Really cool idea though, recommend it to a few friends.


Very cool. I use it on my highly modified 60's mustang, these cars are super easy to steal and this definitely makes it pretty much impossible. A++ guys!

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Engine Immobilizer (standard)

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